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Mandurah, Perth
$1.3 Million


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Come experience the water based apartment lifestyle in one of Mandurah's most coveted Peninsula locations, between the Ponte Palazzo canals and the estuary of Manjar Bay to the Point. This spacious apartment has a strong indoor-outdoor connection to the wider estuary landscape and is finished to the highest luxury standards for the ultimate sea change...

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Alkimos, Perth


Congratulations to our most valued clients on the acceptance of an offer on their premium family home. 




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Swanbourne, Perth


Congratulations to our most valued clients on the acceptance of an offer on their premium family home




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Burns Beach, Perth
$1.65M - $1.75M


This expansive home downplays its size, while maximising its views and lifestyle - the design was influenced by its owners need to create a home that would celebrate everyday life and cater to the growing needs of a family of young adults.

Sprawling over 578 m/2 and catering to the generations with approximately 483m/2 of living areas split over two levels, the design integrates communal living areas where everyone can come together making this your ideal family home...

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Leederville, Perth


Congratulations to our most valued clients on the acceptance of an offer on their premium family home. 





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Mandurah, Perth


Congratulations to our most valued clients on the acceptance of an offer on their premium family home. 





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Woodvale, Perth


Congratulations to our most valued clients on the acceptance of an offer on their premium family home.





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Perth CBD


Congratulations to our most valued clients on the acceptance of an offer on their premium family home. 





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Leederville, Perth


Congratulations to our most valued clients on the acceptance of an offer on their premium family home. 





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About DQ Real Estate:
Your Perth Property Partner

DQ Real Estate; Perth, Western Australia.


DQ Real Estate is a family operated, Western Australian based real estate agency specialising in the marketing of premium real estate suited to the investor and luxury international market.

Operating out of the Perth metropolitan area, we can accommodate from individual to larger scale investors.
Our reputation is underpinned by our core values and this is your guarantee in working with us.

What services do we offer?

We aim to promote investment opportunities tailored to achieving the goals of high net worth clients, in offering properties with either capital growth, high yield returns and or catering to other lifestyle requirements such as holiday homes and apartments.

We partner with reputable builders, bringing some of the best property on offer in the state with a diversity from single dwellings, multi residential dwellings, turn key homes, off the plan sales to elaborate builders' display homes with lease back options.

Why partner with us?

By partnering with us, you are assured your clients can have peace of mind that they are receiving the most current, up to date market information and foreign purchase guidelines. We provide a full range of professional residential sales and tenancy management services so your investment is cared for with attention to detail.
Although Perth is one of the most remote cities in the world, Western Australia is the standout state with returns forecast to be higher than all other Australian markets.

The proposed urban infrastructure projects for Perth is likely to influence on local real estate values, making Perth, a destination of choice offering the ultimate lifestyle. Our suburb reports focus on areas of particular interest to which your clients can subscribe to assist them in gaining a fresh insight into our markets.

Our aim is to commence an international support network with select real estate brokerages who may refer our properties to their investors.

Let us help you find the property that is best suited to your clients.

If you would like to know more about becoming a Select DQ Real Estate Referral Partner please contact
us today.

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Johann Dique


Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am a foreign person. Can I invest in Australian property?

Yes at this current time you can invest in Australian property after you have made an application to the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB). The is a standard procedure and applications for new developments or purchase for land with intention to develop are normally approved.

2. How do I apply?

You may submit your application through the government online system.

All applications that are received via the online system will be acknowledged with an automatically generated message confirming receipt.  Please email if you do not receive an automatic message shortly after sending your application.

ALTERNATIVELY DQ Real Estate will be able to walk you thru the application process and handle all correspondences to enable you to have a hassle free experience in acquiring your real estate investment.

3. How long does it normally take to get a decision?

Under the Foreign Acquisitions and Takeover Act 1975, the Treasurer has 30 days to consider your application and make a decision. There is no time limit for applications made under the Policy only. However, the Government also aims to consider these proposals within 30 days, where possible.
For residential real estate applications, if you have not received a response after 15 working days, you may contact the FIRB at:

4. Can I lodge an application before finding a property?

No, approval is required for a specific property you wish to purchase. You cannot apply for a general or 'in principle' approval.

5. Can I apply for several properties at once?

Yes, but you must submit a separate application for each property you wish to purchase.

6. How many properties can I purchase?

There are no restrictions on the number of vacant and new properties or established dwellings for redevelopment that you can receive an approval to buy.

However temporary residents can only acquire one established (or second‑hand) dwelling which must be used as their principal place of residence.

7. If I buy a property, can I rent it out?

New properties, properties built on vacant land and properties built as part of a redevelopment can be rented out.

8. I am buying a new property and the developer has given me a copy of a pre‑approval letter dated several years ago, and told me I don't need to submit an application for approval. Is this correct?

Yes. If the developer has been granted pre‑approval to sell new dwellings to foreign persons, this means that the individual foreign purchaser doesn't need to submit an application for approval. The pre-approval does not expire – it remains valid as long as you are buying a new dwelling in the development identified in the pre‑approval letter, and buying this from the developer named in the pre‑approval letter.

9. I am buying a new property and I have been told that the developer has pre‑approval. Can I still submit an application for individual approval?

Provided the developer's pre-approval is valid – for example, you are buying a new dwelling and/or you are buying from the developer named in the letter – you do not need to obtain an individual approval.

10. I am a temporary resident. Can I buy property in Australia?

Yes. You can acquire any type of property provided you obtain approval.

11. I am a temporary resident (student visa / working visa) and I wish to purchase a property to live in while I am in Australia, but I cannot afford to buy a property by myself. Can my parents (who live overseas) purchase a property with me?

It depends on the type of property. As foreign non-residents, they can seek approval to purchase vacant land or a new property.

They will not be permitted to purchase any interest in an established (second-hand) property.

12. What is a temporary resident?

A Temporary Resident is a person who is residing in Australia and:
Holds a temporary visa which permits them to stay in Australia for a continuous period of more than 12 months (regardless of how long remains on the visa); or
Has submitted an application for permanent residency and holds a bridging visa which permits them to stay in Australia until that application has been finalised.

13. I bought a second-hand dwelling when I was a temporary resident and then became a permanent resident. Do I still have to sell that property if I acquire another second-hand dwelling?

No, you do not have to sell the first property and any conditions attached to your first property no longer apply.

14. I have been granted a temporary resident visa but am still living overseas. Can I submit an online application to purchase a residential property while I am still overseas?

Yes, but only if you intend to buy a new dwelling or single block of vacant land (that is, a block of land suitable for building one residential dwelling). If you are planning to acquire a second-hand dwelling (house, unit etc.) you must be resident in Australia when you lodge your application.

15. What are the key steps involved in purchasing property in Perth WA?

- Search through catalogue of properties available

- Identify the right property

- Successful Offer on property and Acceptance by seller.

- Application to FIRB to seek approval as foreign investor

- Loan application to Bank (dqrealestate will work with you to get pre approval to ensure the process is smooth.)

- Appointment of Settlement agent – Settlement agents are similar to lawyers and are authorised by law to oversee all the legal and administrative issues related the property transaction.

- Appointment Building inspector – pest / structural/plumbing/electrical

- Settlement – Upon approval of loan and all conditions of final inspection met, settlement will be arranged by agents for both parties.

- Handover of Keys and documentation

As a commitment to our clients DQ Real Estate upon agreement, will oversee this whole process and handle all aspects of communication with the relevant parties to make the process as seamless as possible.

With our experience the whole process can be concluded in as short as 6 weeks to 8 weeks and in very rare occasions up to 10 weeks. Either way we are committed to secure  a settlement  to meet your needs.

16. What are the other costs related to purchasing property in Australia?

Stamp Duty - Land transfer stamp duty is generally the largest of the upfront costs related buying house. The land transfer stamp duty is a general revenue tax imposed by the government. Whenever a property changes ownership the stamp duty is paid into a government fund. In Western Australia the stamp duty has to be paid prior to settlement, so you may find that you need to keep some funds back to cover the cost of the stamp duty.

Here is a stamp duty calculator to help you calculate how much stamp duty you will have to pay. As a very rough guide stamp duty is between 3 to 4% of purchase price.

Bank Loan Fees – Standard bank loan fees will apply depending on the type of loan secured.

Professional Inspection – professional inspections are not compulsory, however are recommended as they ensure that your new property has met all the regulatory requirements, with plumbing, electrical works, is structurally sound, is free of pest (white ants, etc). The report will include pictures, check list, as well as gives you a full report on the condition of the house prior to settlement.  The cost of these inspections range from  AUD $300 - $800 per property based on size.

Settlement Agent Fees - Below is Settlement Agents Scale of Fees for a Buyer:

As part of our service DQ Real Estate will be able to negotiate favourable rates with the banks, settlement agents and professional inspectors as well as manage the whole process for you.

17. Will I be able to secure a loan from an Australian bank?

Yes, Australian banks have made facilities available for foreigners to secure loans for purchasers of property in Australia. Standard documentation and proof of income will be needed to secure the loans.

Documentation required:

A. PAYG Offshore applicants
a) the latest 2 months of a computer generated payslip showing weekly/fortnightly or monthly pay amount, YTD figure, name of employer and employee no greater than 1 month old. OR

b) Letter from employer on company or business letterhead stating gross income net of salary sacrifice and dated not greater than one month old. Letter must be signed and include employer address and contact details and company registration number (if application).

c) Last 3 months full savings account statements, in the customer name, showing consistent and regular payroll credits in line with income declared on letter of employment.

B. Self Employed Offshore applicants
a) Last 2 years personal tax returns and business tax returns including balance sheet and Profit & loss;

b) Copies of trading bank account statements for the last 3 months must be provided;

c) Last 3 months full savings account statements, in the customer name, showing consistent and regular income credits in line with income declared in tax returns

As Part of our service DQ Real Estate will be able to provide a list of brokers and banks that will be able to assist in securing the necessary loans.


18. Will I be able to manage my Australian Bank Account from overseas?

Yes, managing you loans will be a simple process as all transaction will be conducted online through a secure network. You will be provided with the necessary username and passwords to manage your account from the comfort of your computer anywhere in the world.

19. Will I be able to secure loan from a Malaysian bank to purchase property in Australia?

Majority Malaysian banks currently have set up a loan facility to meet the growing demand of investors looking at the Perth property market. Please contact your local banker to find out details. DQ Real Estate is happy to provide links to local Malaysian banks to facilitate this process.

20. Why Perth, Western Australia

Western Australia with its abundant natural resources is the richest state in the country. Its proximity to Asia, great weather and quality of life attracts over 1100 new people every week to Western Australia in search of employment and a better life.

Perth is also home to some of the best universities in Australia, with many having joint programs with colleges and universities around the world, making it an increasingly popular destination for new migrant or foreign families who value their children's education. This has resulted in a large vibrant growing population that adds to the city’s attraction.

21. Why should I consider real estate investment in Perth, Western Australia

Perth, Australia is a city that is perfect for the Asian investor looking for the chance to secure quality real estate at rates that have much upside. Perth has a very strong local market that drives demand and the city is experiencing exponential growth. The north western coastal region is said to be the fastest growing region in whole of Australia accounting for about 20% of the Perth overall residential market. Property values and rental yields for properties fluctuate from time to time but over the longer term show signs of sustainable growth with some areas growing exponentially in capital growth values. The government’s expectation is that Perth’s current population of about 2 million will double in the next 20 years. With very moderate to low levels of available property to cater for this growth, property is experiencing high demand in Perth driving up yields and capital growth even further.

22. What type of Property investments should I consider

Capital Growth – Perth WA is already know as the longest city in the world, as a high proportion of new developments  expand to the north and south of the city along the coast line. With its population poised to double in the next 20 years. Demand for Inner city living as well as lifestyle living by the coast will continue to raise prices of today’s house prices. Perth has seen steady property growth over the years and has not been affected by global financial trends.
DQ Real Estate will work with you to navigate the wide range of options available and identify the right property for you, taking into account your  personal preferences and requirements to secure  the right investment.

High Yield - Perth WA is a unique city attracting a wide range of people who come to the city seeking a better life, there is a plethora of property types that return a high rental yield.

Apart from the central city suburbs which naturally return high rental yields due to its proximity to the city centre, public transport, shops and lifestyle, there are many other areas that return high rental yields for the astute investor.

There is a huge student population needing accommodation around the many international universities scattered around the city, 
Fly in fly out professionals who look for properties near the airports.

Wealthy Asian migrants congregating  south of the river as well as European migrants north of the river looking for the beach lifestyle. 

Visa – The Australian Government recently introduced a  new subclass within the business visa category called Significant Investment Visa , which allows foreign nationals to acquire a Permanent Resident Visa through investments totalling more than AUD$5 million. Those seeking to gain PR and with the means to invest , can consider commercial property or some of the  choicest residential  properties as part of a portfolio of properties as a means to gain the PR Visa and subsequently enjoy the lifestyle offered in Perth, WA. (Conditions apply, please check for details)

Lifestyle - Perth WA offers a good quality and standard of life that is not available in many of today’s modern cities. Property prices are still relatively affordable for the quality and size of homes available. Those with longer term plans of migration, retirement or just providing options for your child’s future, should consider taking advantage of today, by hedging against current property prices and securing a family home that can be rented out today and eventually be a family home that is built with the highest quality standards and design features that are second to none.